Memorial May

Cats are special parts of our family. They fill a part of our hearts that nothing else can quite touch, and their soft purrs or sassy comments stay with us forever.

The Trendy Tabby Team knows how much our cats have meant to us. And to memorialize that, we are creating the Trendy Tabby Memorial Cat Book. Send us your photos, your stories, your memories. Tell us why your cat was the best, and what about them most touched your heart. Bring us your funny stories, their sassy moments. We will put all of these into one book, and it will stay on the coffee table at The Trendy Tabby as a reminder to everyone the deep connections we make with our cats, and the paw prints that they leave on our heart when they are gone.

Click the link below to donate. After, you will be taken to the submission page. Thank you for supporting The Trendy Tabby.