Cafe Mission: Do Good. Be Good. Have Fun

A cat cafe is a space where people can come to enjoy a cup of coffee or tea, study, relax, and hang out with adoptable cats. Patrons pay per unit of time (half-hour, hour, etc), and get to enjoy their afternoon or evening with cat company.

The mission of The Trendy Tabby is to be a place where humans and felines can be happy. We want to build a community where everyone feels welcome and included, and we can all just enjoy life together.

Overall Mission:

The Trendy Tabby is backed by the 501c3 non-profit The Kringle LaCosse Spay/Neuter Clinic. Their goal is for the state of Michigan to be the first no-kill state in the United States through spaying and neutering of pets. All proceeds above and beyond the cost of The Trendy Tabby will go towards that goal. We want all pets to be able to find a wonderful, loving home.


Where will The Trendy Tabby be located?

We have a location on hold for us, pending the crowdfunding campaign, in Old Town. It has plenty of parking, and great neighbors!

Will you have coffee at The Trendy Tabby?

Yes, we are working with a friendly business and plan to bring a coffee truck to live in The Trendy Tabby’s parking lot. That way we can make sure that you guys get amazing coffee while not having to build out a separate space for food/drink prep.

Where will your adoptable cats come from?

The Trendy Tabby cats will come from the Capital Area Humane Society. We are very excited to help them further their mission by providing more adoptable cat space, and allowing them to take in more cats! We plan to house 10 or so adoptable cats from the Capital Area Humane Society. The cats will be 6 months or older, after the get all of the vaccinations that they need to live in a group setting and still stay healthy.

What’s on the menu?

We will have a coffee/tea truck outside, people can bring in their own food. We will have a variety of different types of coffee and teas. The food will not be prepared near the cats or inside because the health department doesn’t allow it. We don’t mind a little cat hair, but the state doesn’t love it!

I have a cat who needs a home, Will you take the cat?

Sorry, we can’t, we aren’t an intake facility. You’ll have to contact CAHS to surrender to them, you can call them at 517-626-6060 and ask for Entry. Then the cats may come to Trendy Tabby after they have been vaccinated, fixed, and passed a behavioral screening to make sure that they’ll be happy in the Trendy Tabby environment!

Do I need to make a reservation?

Once we open, we do suggest making reservations. You’ll be able to do that one our website, and then you’ll lock in your spot for the time that you’ve reserved.

What will the cats eat?

The cats will eat food provided by Capital Area Humane Society. If you are thinking about making a donation of cat food, you should do it there!

How will you make money?

Our visitors will help us stay open by making a donation to the cat cafe per unit of time that they would like to spend there. Our plan is $4 per half hour, $7 per hour or a 5 visit punch for $25.

Can I host a private event at the cafe?

Yes! You can host a private event. We are still working on pricing for this. We will also have events: yoga, movie night, trivia.

Can I bring my own cat?

Unfortunately, you can’t bring your own cat.  We want to make sure that all the cats stay healthy and mesh well, so we will be bringing them from CAHS.

Are the cats active or will they be asleep?

Probably a combination of both!  The cats live at the cafe, so they will be doing whatever they would normally do in their home!

How can I help support this organization?

Visit or donate!

Can I bring my children?

Yes.  Children 6 and under must have an adult, and start with 30 minutes for their first visit.  If they can’t be gentle with the cats and follow instructions they will be asked to leave.

Do you have disabled access?

Yes.  Trendy Tabby works hard to be a welcoming place for everyone!

Help! My question isn’t answered here yet!

Dang, we’re sorry! Go to the Contact Us page and ask it, and we will answer it here and on Facebook. Make sure to follow us there too!